Voilà un nouveau kit Wireframe et UI au format .eps qui va certainement vous intéresser.

Il s’agit d’une création réalisée par Christopher Rowe, qui pense que le type de Wireframes qu’il propose est plus joli et beaucoup plus logique que ce que l’on peut trouver habituellement.

Christopher Rowe : “I use Illustrator (sometimes InDesign) for all my wireframes. This wasn’t always the case though. The more I got annoyed with the limits of wireframe software, the more I started creating elements piece-by-piece. Now that i’ve established a decent library, it’s a simple drag of elements to test new interfaces. Apps like Sketch and Axure are doing really cool stuff, but at the moment, they don’t fit my work flow like Illustrator and InDesign. I’m constantly looking for that program that can do it all. Maybe Sketch will eventually.”





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